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Eagle Focus is a professional event company in Hong Kong, our team are expert in event management, event design, audio visual equipment, furniture & stage.

  • Name:Libin Zhu
  • Major:Stage Art Design
  • Certificate:Graduated from the executive MBA program of Tsinghua Bosum School
    Vice President of International Smart City Research Institute (ISCRI), China Productivity Promotion Association Center

Enterprise planning management

Planning of large-scale cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries

Professional stage audio - visual system design

Domestic and abroad exhibition planning

Work experience


Executive secretary of overseas business department of ISCRI

Executive director of Global Game Developers Conference 2018 (Shenzhen Happy Coast OCT)

2018 Military Song Concert (Shenzhen Bay Spring Cocoon Stadium)

Participated in the planning of the World's Top RAVE PARTY and supported the large-scale activities of the world's top 100 DJS (Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Sasha)

2018 Zhixiang Luo Panyu Concert

2018 Shenzhen Wechat Business Festival (stars including Malaysian singers Ge Cao and Dazhuang).

2014 Sese Wedding Stars Concert (Jie Wang+ Shila)

Entertainment planning director of American Hardrock restaurant, Shenzhen region

Has a good relationship of cooperation with the Hong Kong Directors Association, Hong Kong TVB, Hong Kong Asia Television, Hong Kong emperor group, Taiwan film and television entertainment industry

Once in the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Qatar, Dubai to attend all kinds of large-scales of exhibitions and import and export business communication, and the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria, Comoros, Armenia, Syria, Sudan, Hungary, Ethiopia, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya and other central African countries' chamber of commerce club to have a good communication and contact.

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EAGLE FOCUS design director graduated from the Stage Art Design major, focused on activity planning service for 15 years; Led the EAGLE FOCUS team to successfully serve thousands of enterprises, with main clients including Avenus world SchoolBMZCasual ConnectAustargroupVankeZplayVUNGLE, MYTONA,  etc.

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