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COVID-19 Prevention |Eagle Focus

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Eagle focus is a professional event company in Hong Kong, as the COVID-19 infect hundreds of countries in the world, public health and safety is becoming a more and more terrible issue in our event plan process. How to avid the virus in public place and make sure your company or organization operate smoothly. Eagle focus provide you the most advanced public health and safety system for COVID-19 prevention.

COVID-19 Prevention

As COVID-19 influence in the world, thousands of countries are in emergency situation, for company and organization, we are try our best to reduce the risk of this disease.
With advice of Epidemiologist, the typical pneumonic symptom of COVID-19 infection is fever, so human body temperature is the key element to prevent virus carrier get into our event venue, work place or public location. There is a big issue that, no matter in event venue, work place or public location, we will face hundreds or thousands of person. How to test their temperature in a short time, and prevent crowd gathering together. 

In order to avoid this impact, Eagle Focus try to find the best way to solve these issue, We cooperate with professional company, provide our clients or partners the following technology and products- Body temperature measurement system.


Body Temperature Measurement System

Body temperature measurement system is an intelligent body temperature monitoring and early warning system composed of dual frequency infrared thermal image camera, intelligent body temperature early warning platform, terminal display and auxiliary system. It can monitor and record the temperature data at the same time, including optical and thermal image picture, and set alarm notice according to the temperature data, so that users can master the temperature information of the measured object all day.

key features
1.Our system have the most effective way in prevention of infectious disease.
A.Accurate face tracking present results in real time
B.Bi-spetrum,dual channel, All-weather real-time monitoring
C.Multi-objective fast non-contact temperature measurement
D.Temperature accuracy ≤ 0.3℃

Ai technology

2.Our system have various advantages than traditional system
A.Real-time temperature measurement
As traditional thermometer will finish 16 persons body temperature test in 16 seconds, but our system will finish it in 30 minimum seconds
B.Multi-target temperature measurement
As traditional thermometer only can simultaneously complete 1 person temperature test at one time, but our system can measure Max 16 persons simultaneously in real-time.
C.Dynamic continuous detection
The monitored population does not need to stop for monitoring, and the system will automatically identify the person with abnormal temperature.
D.intelligent automatic temperature detection
Our system will measure all person in dynamic thermal camera automatically, and provide over-termperature real-time warning immediately.

system advantage

3.Applicable scenario
Residential areas, office buildings, schools, government agencies, tourist attractions, factory sites, hospital,airport, station, etc.

typical application

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Body Temperature Detection& Dynamic Face Recognition Panel

Body temperature detection dynamic face recognition panel is an access control product developed by using the latest face recognition algorithm to detect face wearing masks and thermal imaging body temperature detection technology. The system supports automatic switching in 1:1 and 1: n modes. It runs in Android environment, and has the characteristics of high accuracy, high security, good stability, etc. it can complete face recognition speed and body temperature detection in seconds.

Applicable scenario

Residential areas, office buildings, schools, government agencies, tourist attractions, factory sites, hospital,airport, station, etc.

Main characteristics
1. Support face recognition with masks and complete body temperature detection at the same time.
2. The built-in low-power temperature detection module completes the detection in seconds, the detection distance is 0.5m, and the temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃.
3. Recognition speed is fast, temperature detection is completed in seconds, and data is recorded and pushed.

Body temperature detection& dynamic face recognition panel

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