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Professional Exhibition Management Compan

Eagle Focus is a professional exhibition organization with more than 10 years experience in exhibition management, we achieved excellent success in global. Eagle Focus is extremely efficient in exhibitions and exhibit management, our professional team of booth designer, exhibition program manager and project manager are focused on making your exhibition design to be a complete success. Our service is high quality measurable work process for every client.

Eagle Focus is a full-service international exhibition management company, our team knowledge, experience and resource guarantee management in all aspects of exhibition planning and implementation. Our involvement can range form turn-key full-service (start to end) to managing specific elements of exhibition according on client’s specific requirement.

The exhibition management is a complex operation process where millions of enterprise, parties, stakeholders, customers and organization are involved. Our 10 years experience encourage us to take consideration of venue selection, logistical arrangement, exhibition planning, date and deadline determination, rules formulation and regulation execution. Our dedicated managers ensure the exhibition under strict control and coordinate every process.

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Exhibition Management Service

Eagle Focus understand the complex and time consuming in exhibition management. There are millions of details and aspects you will never ignore. Whether it’s an art exhibition, canton fair, trade fair, medical expo, photography exhibition, food exhibition,photography show,fashion exhibition, jewelry exhibition or beauty exhibition. Our services include:

Exhibition Management

Design and maintain exhibit hall floor plan

Booth allocation management plan

Exhibition site inspection

Produce the call for exhibitors and exhibitor registration forms

Solicit and secure exhibitors through direct mail and telemarketing

Process requests for exhibit information

Create sales and marketing tools

Booth design and fabrication to specification

Accept and process all exhibitor applications including invoicing

Prepare and distribute exhibitor service manual

Distribute exhibitor confirmations and booth assignments

Contract and act as liaison for decorator

Arrange for and order exhibit hall materials

Interface with exhibitors and exhibit hall venues

Provide final exposition report

Process orders for tracking/bar coding equipment

On-site Exhibition Management

Conduct site inspection of exhibit area

Ensure all exhibitors set-up and break-down according to code and conference regulations

Act as liaison between exhibitors, vendors, committee and staff

Fulfill orders for attendee info tracking equipment

Provide bar-coded badges for exhibitor lead tracking

We can handle every aspect of your exhibition, from marketing and exhibition sales, venue and booth decoration, installation and dismantle, transportation and storage, AV equipment and electrical. We can guarantee a excellent seamless exhibition for your particular event.

We have designed and managed thousands of exhibitions from small scheme booth to large exhibition hall, we have effective stand builder team who are passionate about booth building with the accurate design at the right budget. We are not only designers and project managers, but also professional booth constructors. We will build your exhibition space into an elegant, functional backdrop for your next exhibition.

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Exhibition planning

At Eagle Focus, our team are passionate about providing superior and world-class exhibition for world-wide customers. We have more than 10 years experience, it is unparalleled. This help our team finish every detail task in effective way and save both organizer and sponsor time.

Eagle Focus has a excellent exhibition management process in world-wide, we have a outstanding supportive team form exhibition planning to field execution, not matter any requirement in your exhibition planning.

Sponsorship & exhibition sale

With more than 10 years experience. Eagle Focus has long-term relationship with major exhibitor and sponsors in various industry. We are true innovator in sponsorship sales.

Our sale team will start the exhibition planning with detail and on-site research on potential sponsors. Our professional prospectus will guide us to optimize our exhibition sale process. We are trying our best to increase sponsorship sales revenue and invite the right sponsors to your exhibition. We will analyse the potential sponsor and exhibition orientation with reasonable revenue and pricing, encourage your sponsors and exhibitors get to be full-fledged partners in long time operation.

Exhibition hall plan 

We have skillfully technician team in the field of design plan, they are familiar with different functional buildings for exhibition, they will make the perfect hall plan design to maximum booth number and satisfy all clients requirement. No matter booth decoration, logistic, electric power, audio visual equipment or security, will be strictly considered in our exhibition hall plan.

2 floor plan

Exhibition booth design

Eagle Focus aims to make your requirement and request into innovative and captivating exhibition booth designs. Our exhibition designers will consider every aspect of your company objectives and goals, provide a trustworthy and reliable service for you.

Our professional design team will assist you with bring your creation into life, they knows the importance of eye-catching graphics. With the latest software, our designers will manufacture high quality 3D render with detailed plans, make sure your booth is completely in line with both your online and offline media. In addition, we can utilize new interactive technology, in order to offer creative service of delivering your key information from video and animation on screen.

Ocean Engine booth design

Exhibition booth installation & dismantle

Eagle Focus has our own experienced, fully trained exhibition booth installation team, our team is versed in advanced planning, installation and dismantle process. We guarantee making your exhibition booth is as simple as possible. Our superior service will help you promoting your band with highly innovative exhibition booth installation in timescales and budgets. We offer a full service to completion, our can both install your booth and take it down in your exhibition end.

Ocean Engine Booth

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Audio Visual support

Regardless our impressive booth design and creative graphics, we can also provide you with cutting edge technology of interactive display and digital media for an immersive booth experience. Whether you need customers interaction or your brand funny engagement experience, we can provide you the perfect technology and content.

Exhibition videos

Eagle Focus create custom exhibition videos and unique animation integrate in booth design, we provide video and animation through different ways, such as interactive display and TV screens in your booth. We can create new content with you to develop the best for your needs. Whether you need a corporation show-reel, an video testimonial or an exhibition animation, you will have the most impressive video at your exhibition.

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Exhibition booth games

Interactive branded games are a fun opportunity to collect data, Eagle Focus develop your booth games theme in line with your campaign, provide all attendees an enjoyable experience, give potential customers link with your brand. Selfie booth is a great way to expand your brand through social media, brand game with competitive elements will encourage more participation and tourist to capture every excellent memory for every customers in you brand booth.

booth game

Interactive display

Interactive display screens with advert videos and specific products information will easily be tailored to your exhibition needs. Our team can cooperate with you to create content for interactive display, interactive booth allow two-way communication between your brand and booth visitors, you are able to gather measurable data on your consumers. This data can suit your business needs.

interactive display

LED Video Walls 

LED video wall create perfect canvas of exhibition content showcase, Eagle Focus provide extensive LED display solutions of floor mounted, wall mounted, custom-built or stand alone. We will integrate your booth with LED video wall to guarantee the perfect fitness.

LED video wall

Publicity Materials

Eagle Focus has purchase publicity materials for 10 years, and we will find the right materials for your exhibition. We always provide premium products for our clients at competitive price, and ensure high quality within your budget. No matter promotional products or corporate gift, we will serve your the best option.

publicity material

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Exhibition strategy and marketing

Eagle Focus understand the complex and time consuming in exhibition management. There are millions of details and aspects you will never ignore. Whether it’s an art exhibition, canton fair, trade fair, medical expo, photography exhibition, food exhibition,photography show,fashion exhibition, jewelry exhibition or beauty exhibition. We have the competence and experience of managing and executing then. We are able to handle every aspects form pre-event marketing to exhibitors feedback survey. We can provide added value to help your stand out from the exhibition.

Impress your brand

A unique booth visual display is worth a thousand words, a brand speaks longer and louder than any advertisement voice. Our experts will build a strategy plan for you brand and develop a all round design which will be recognized instantly by your target audience in any place. As the development of new media industry, live photo broadcast, AR cutting-edge technology, VR stimulative interaction, Eagle Focus will combine all these traditional and new media to explore your brand reputation in world-wide.

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